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If you are looking for some great PHP scripts for your projects and clients, then look no further than Maian Script World.

Not only do they have great scripts, they can provide modifications of those scripts when you have special circumstances like what I had.

I had a client that wanted shipping to be handled in a specific way, and Maian Script World was able to make the mod on Maian Pal to allow me to provide for my client what he needed, for a very resonable price.

So, check out Maian Script World for your PHP script needs and mods.

I am a happy customer and so is my client.
- Bill Michling, Michling Consultants, https://mespn.com
I have been using MAIAN PAL for a good few months now and I never regretted downloading it. It is a doddle to install, extremely lightweight so it hardly eats up any of your resources and using it is a real joy.

MAIAN PAL is extremely user-friendly and intuitive for the user and admin alike, hardly any problem finding your way around in the program, while adding, removing or editing anything in your shop couldn't be simpler.

MAIAN PAL could easily compete with the much bigger, much more bloated and much more expensive (you can get MAIAN PAL for free) shopping scripts out there, the scripts that are full of bells and whistles many of us will most likely never even use.

If you are looking for a quickly installed, easy to use and easy to maintain script, then MAIAN PAL is definitely for you.
- Frankie / Webmaster / https://www.vlaanderen-flanders.org.uk
I have been using Maian products for a number of years. Any problems, contact the guys & the problem will be sorted. Possibly the friendliest company, selling top quality software at the best possible prices. This might sound like an advert, it is not, it is one very happy customer wishing to share his good fortune with other people.
- Rui Simao

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